Assembly of components


In our assembly department, we are able to complete and package your products. This includes such things as manufacturing, procuring, assembly and storage of all kinds of drive components. 

We are the ideal partner for the production of your assemblies.

Technical Support


Our technical support begins even before an order is placed - in the interests of arriving at the best possible solution for you, we offer the option of examining your requirements or your current drive system in advance and advising you right from the start. Contact us. We would be pleased to help you!

Customised drive solutions

At Optibelt Walk B.V., you’ll receive the perfect solution for your drive technology: from modern sophisticated drives to special gears, sprockets, special pulleys tooth washers, racks, and clamping plates – all from a single source. Our drive solutions are the result of well-thought through designs and close customer relationship liaison. We are there to help you right from the start to detect potential improvements or problems with your current design and optimisoptimize e your system at an early stage. Feel free to get in touch with us - for there's nothing we like better than a new challenge!

CAD drawings

Your project is in good hands when it is supported implemented by our experts. This process is underlined supported by cutting-edge programmes such as fully automated production management, powerful 3D CAD-CAM development systems, software for calculating resistance and durability, superior instruments and modern machinery.
Whether you are looking for a standard or custom-made product, the reworking of an existing product or a new sophisticated combination of different drive components, we have the skills for most all of all areas of technology, overseeing and selecting the best suppliers for the purpose.

Development and prototype construction

Are you looking for a gear for a specific application? For this, partnership and trust are also decisive factors. All operational requirements of the drive or the machine must be taken into account in order to guarantee optimum quality of the individual parts. This requires intensive discussions and personal contact. We have vast experience when it comes to technical processes.

We design in a 3D environment (Solid Edge) on the basis of original documents, using advanced calculation programmes (ZAR and FEMAP). Production then proceeds using state-of-the-art machines, one of which is a 5-axle milling machine. This way, versatile, high-quality production with all required tolerances and qualities is ensured.

We are the partner for development and implementation of your ideas.

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