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A workforce of 48 builds complete assemblies and drives, single components such as (special) timing belt pulleys, spur and helical gears and racks as well as various standard drive components. Thanks to our own CAD workstations, complex 3D designs can be realised - tailor-made all-in solutions comprised of pulleys and belts.

In addition, various assemblies are designed in the areas of machine engineering and automotive technology, such as actuators. From designing drives to developing and building prototypes, right up to producing complete assemblies, we offer comprehensive added value and all-in solutions. And all, of course, in the same superior quality that customers have come to expect.

Our machinery, in alignment with our product portfolio, makes it possible: We offer a variety of complex metalworking and metal finishing processes. To put it another way: If your latest invention is even partially made of metal that requires some degree of complex metalworking – turning, milling, drilling, grinding, erosion, welding, painting or varnishing, or assembling – don’t hesitate to contact us. 

History of Optibelt Walk B.V.


The Optibelt Walk B.V. facility in Heijen was ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2012, guaranteeing uniform quality throughout all production and service departments. This is something that our customers have come to value over the years, which you can experience for yourselves.

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