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International sales meeting of Optibelt at Haberkorn

30 employees from the various European Optibelt companies and the top management traveled to Haberkorn in Wolfurt.

Hoexter, Monday, 9 March 2020. The Optibelt Group held its first international sales meeting at Haberkorn this week. A group of 30 employees from the various European Optibelt companies and senior management made the trip to Haberkorn in Wolfurt. For Optibelt, the Haberkorn Group is one of the foremost technical dealers in Europe. In the drive technology sector, Optibelt is one of Haberkorn’s major suppliers of V-belts and timing belts. The idea of presenting Haberkorn during this meeting arose from this fruitful cooperation.

After a welcoming address by Gerald Fitz, Haberkorn CEO and Reinhold Mühlbeyer, CEO of the Optibelt Group of Companies, Gerald Fitz presented the Haberkorn company, outlining a number of trends and developments in the technical trade and talking about the expectations of the Optibelt manufacturer. Reinhold Mühlbeyer then presented the Optibelt Group and gave an account of the expectations placed on Haberkorn. To conclude the event, the entire group visited the new Haberkorn logistics facility, which was a particular highlight for the participants.

The Arntz Optibelt Group is one of the leading global producers of high-performance drive belts. Optibelt products are used wherever durability and uncompromising quality are required: in mechanical engineering, in the automotive industry, in the agricultural engineering sector and in the household appliance industry. The family-run company employs over 2,500 employees world-wide. Headquartered in Höxter (North Rhine-Westphalia), the Arntz Optibelt Group controls eight production sites in six countries. They are all committed to a common corporate philosophy: eight locations, six countries – one quality!

Reinhold Mühlbeyer, Chief Executive Officer of the group of companies with Robert Greifensteiner, Managing Director Optibelt Austria on the tour through the logistics of Haberkorn.